Ladies, don’t we all make the mistake of buying the “latest” clothes and end up hating them? Sure, you want to be a trend-setter, but fashion isn’t about following the latest trends only – it’s also about finding your personal fashion style and being comfortable.

However, the real chaos is when you don’t know your personal style. So, if you are trying to establish a personal fashion style, we have the guide for you!

Understanding The Personal Fashion Style

Personal style is a person’s unique way of expressing themselves through clothing and accessories. It also reflects on a person’s aesthetic choice, including their hairstyle and how they put together an outfit. Personal style is timeless, and it’s all about you staying true to the personal aesthetics more than absorbing the latest fashion trends!

Finding The Personal Fashion Style – Things To Consider

Finding the personal fashion style isn’t an overnight process, but there are some factors that can help choose which style works in your favor. So, shall we move forward?

Check Out Your Closet

Having a look at your current closet can speak volumes about what you like to wear. But again, we do tend to hoard on some items that we never wear, which is why you need to pull out your favorite clothing from the closet. Once you have made the pile of your favorite items, notice what they have in common – are there more floral dresses or jumpsuits, or anything else?

What’s Your Fashion Inspiration?

Everyone looks up to someone, be it someone in friends, family, or celebrities. It’s better to take time out for scrolling through social media and observe how your favorite people dress up (do focus on casual as well as formal evening wear). In fact, there are various fashion bloggers who you can check out and see what interests you. Not to forget, you can always skim through the fashion magazines as it helps you learn different style types and see what aligns with your liking.

Fashion Mood Board

A mood board is an apt way of developing the fashion style – when you have collected the inspirations, put them on a mood board. On the mood board, see which clothing items are most common, which shoes and accessories they are wearing, and what type of makeup they are flaunting. As a result, you will be able to exemplify personal aesthetics and shop the wardrobe accordingly.

Having A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is all about curating some basics that can be mixed and matched to create different looks that are never wary of style and fashion. It’s better to get your hands on classic pieces and neutral colors that go with different styles. Some of these basics include a denim jacket, basic t-shirts, leather tote, and a few feel-nice mini dresses. It’s evident that these clothing items look simple, but they resonate with your unique style and create an ultimate foundation for more exciting looks.

To summarize, these are some tips for finding your personal fashion style, and if you are still confused, just get an appointment with a fashion stylist!