Our Story

Ciel was founded with a mission: To inspire women everywhere to pursue their passion and embrace their elegance so that they can live a life of fulfilment.

It was this passion for fashion, one cup of coffee, and a conversation with friends that led to us creating Ciel as a boutique fashion brand.

Ciel is a women fashion brand that delivers fine handmade clothing with a variety of trendy designs at a reasonable price. Our mantra is "fashion is your silent ambassador". Ciel’s mission is to deliver premium quality fashion that is suitable for more than one occasion. Through our clothing, we aim to empower women to pursue their dreams.


To be the pinnacle of elegance

We strive towards being the pinnacle of elegance, defining passion, grace, and class is our way of life.

Guided by passion

Above everything else, our belief is that all people deserve to live life guided by passion, to pursue it relentlessly, and to enjoy the sense of achievement in any aspect of their lives.

To challenge the status quo

The world tends to hold back extraordinary people. Ciel and its customers are extraordinary and we will always be faced with people that say, “you cannot”. We genuinely believe everyone have the ability to achieve their dreams.

Being seen and heard for substance over style

Women are more than the false labels society places on. How we dress, our style, and the confidence you see was and still is a journey. It took many bold actions to be where we are today.


Our promise to you

We, at Ciel, promise to empower women through substance and style driven fashion by offering high-quality clothing, elegant designs and outstanding customer service to help you shine in your community.

It all starts with your passion. Start writing your story today.