Doesn’t it sound expensive to put together a wardrobe filled with timeless and classic fashion pieces? Well, it’s easier than you think because all you need are some classic pieces that you can mix and match that can become the ultimate closet staple.

Sure, it sounds counter-intuitive to invest in designer pieces, but it’s worthwhile to invest in timeless pieces that will last for years is always better than fast-fashion. So, if you are ready to forget, “I have nothing to wear,” we have some essentials that you must have!

Trench Coat

A trench coat is the epitome of class, and it’s termed a timeless fashion piece. It’s better to opt for an aptly-tailored trench coat in moodier black and tan color to create a chic look (you will look well-pulled together, we promise!).

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is iconic, and it’s for a reason. Ranging from formal events or evening outings and date nights, LBD is a perfect option and makes you look like a million bucks. Not to forget, the best part is that the black dress is reasonably priced, so get yourself the LBD that hits slightly above your knees, so it’s perfect for every occasion.

A Button-Down Shirt

Easy to style, cool, breezy, and crisp, a button-down shirt is perfect for different occasions and is a great addition to your classic wardrobe. It can be worn with a vibrant skirt for a girls’ day out or a pencil skirt for office meetings. On top of everything, a button-down complements every body type and stays intact for years!


When you are trying to get your hands on some timeless pieces, never forget to add a blazer to your cart. Not to forget, you can always style a blazer mini-dress that instantly adds an oomph to your look. The blazers are equally amazing for professional settings and casual hangouts – it’s all how you style it.

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are always associated with street fashion, but it’s a timeless piece that can be paired with different shirts and blouses to create a classic look. However, make sure the denim jeans are well-fitted and can easily transition from day to night. Truth be told, high-quality denim jeans can be expensive, but you can score one on the sale!

Denim Dress

If you are fond of denim-on-denim, a back-zip denim dress is a great wardrobe staple. It’s perfect for office, and when paired with colorful scarf, it can be worn on the girls’ brunch. Truth be told, denim dress complements every body type and personal fashion style.

Wrap Dress

There is nothing better than satin for classic fashion divas, and it’s even better when satin is made into a mini wrap dress. The wrap dress is comfortable and flattering and can be further elevated with pencil heels and diamond jewelry (pearls work great as well). The wrap dresses are available in long and short lengths, so get something that you are comfortable wearing!