You won't be able to create cohesive and fashion-forward outfits if you don't have good basics. They are the building blocks of every outfit. While cute tops with bold prints are great, you need to invest in pieces that will make your wardrobe complete. If you often feel like you don't have anything to wear, it means that you are lacking basics. Here are some must-have basics that will help you create the best outfits. 

Simple Black Skirt

A black skirt is a timeless piece that is inescapable and should be in every wardrobe. Not only is it suitable for all seasons, but it also complements many different colors, making it a perfect choice when coming up with outfits. Midi skirts in black are great staples. They follow the curves of the body thanks to the fabric that moves with the body movements. Fuller black skirts are structured differently but can work well with numerous pieces. They flare out creating a beautiful timeless silhouette. These skirts can be worn for different occasions like work meetings, office work, lunches with friends, gallery visits, and so much more. If your style allows it and you prefer something more daring, you should opt for jeweled skirts. With beautiful jeweled details, these skirts are stunning on their own. But, they can also be included in various outfits. 

One-Tone Top

One-tone tops are a must-have in every wardrobe. From jeans, over leather jackets to organza shirts, they can be paired with absolutely everything. Sateen tops will give an elegant touch to any outfit. The sleek material is a great contrast for denim, making them easy to style. You can also layer sweaters or cardigans on top for a beautiful combination of textures. White blouses are another example of an elegant top that can easily be paired with various bottoms and outerwear. Blouses with pussycat bonds have a sophisticated look. They can be worn with black skirts to an office, or styled with jeans for an everyday stylish outfit.

Staple Sweater

You should have a good quality sweater that you can always rely on in your collection. Opt for sweaters that come in one color. Sweaters that come in cream color can easily be paired with other colors. Also, you can choose sweaters that are made out of an interesting material as an eyelash knit. This texture will make your outfits look cozier. Look for darker sweaters as well. Deeper colors like burgundy can be easily styled and are very flattering. Oversized sweaters are very comfortable and trendy. They are very helpful when styling outfits, as they can balance out proportions. Whether you choose to tuck them in your pants, cinch them in with a belt, or tie them in a knot, oversized sweaters look flattering.

Investing in good quality basics will pay off in the long run. Furthermore, you won't have the feeling that you don't have anything to wear as these staple pieces will help you complete any look.