Whenever ladies think about work pants, it’s always the plain black trousers, and honestly, for a good reason. Needless to say that mornings are hectic and we always need to make several decisions. Ranging from finding the best commute to getting to the office, it only sounds convenient to get into the same old black pants, and not to forget, they just go well with every sweater and blazer. However, if you want to break the cycle, we are sharing some other pants that you can wear to the office and be on top of the fashion game.

The Best Types of Pants To Wear To Work

Depending on your office’s decorum, you can wear different types of pants, including jeans if your office people don’t mind casual attire. However, the drill is to choose pants that look classy but are comfortable as well. So, let’s have a look at some options!

Traditional Dress Pants

For the times when you want to look professional and polished, nothing works better than traditional dress pants. These are the classic pants that are available in slim-fit design, which makes them a promising choice for formal offices. In fact, choosing trousers with stretch will add to your comfort level, so you don’t have to throw them away as soon as you get home. On the top, you can wear your favorite blazer and pair the ensemble with neutral flats or pumps.

Wide-Leg Pants

If you are looking for formal or dress pants that have a modern silhouette, it’s time to invest in wide-leg pants. These pants look extremely professional, especially when you purchase them in a neutral or nude hue. Still, they are more modern, and if pants have a stylish tie waist, that’s even better! Truth be told, you will be able to make a style statement As far as the pairing is concerned, make sure to pair with a form-fitting and simple top since the pants are flowy and wide.

Seamside Long Pants

In case your office gets hotter during the summer months, you can keep the look and yourself by opting for these sleek pants. The long pants are actually perfect for everyone since it flatters every height. However, if you are shorter than 5’4”, make sure to invest in a petite size. These pants can be paired with your floral tops or you can also pair them with a blazer to create an uber-chic yet professional look. As far as the shoes are concerned, sandals look trendy while pumps are comfier.

Colored Pants

We already said how we stick to black pants for the office but it’s time to bring colors to your office attire because it won’t take away from the professional appearance. You can spruce up your look with colored pants (it even gives a boost of productivity). On top of everything, you can wear them with your favorite tops and opt for polished sandals to complete the look!