You might think that florals are out of fashion, but that isn’t the case, as long as you style it right and don’t choose the loud prints. It’s safe to say that floral prints and spring season are synonymous to each other, and they keep topping the fashion trends every year.

So, if you have a thing for floral dresses and want to style them for different events, we have the tips that will make you look like a trend-setter!

For Office

Sure, you have always worn the monochromes to office, but you can flaunt the elegant floral bodycons at the office. The best thing about floral dress is that  they don’t violate the corporate environment as long as you are sticking to the minimal silhouettes. A nice print can be styled for office, and when topped with a blazer and block heels, it looks nothing less than perfection!

For Evening Dinners

It’s needless to say that we connect floral dresses with brunches and morning buffets, but they are equally amazing for formal dinners. Having that said, a long floral maxi dress is a perfect way of making an entry at formal evening events. These elaborate silhouettes flatter the curves, and you can top the look with statement earrings and pumps (if you aren’t a pump person, you can even opt for nice pencil heels!).

For Fall Brunches

It’s evident that floral dresses are associated with spring and breezy weather, but they look equally amazing at fall brunches. For fall brunches, opt for the dress with bright or lavender florals but a white or nude surface. Since it’s fall brunches, you can complement the look with the same colored overcoat or a trench coat and elegant court shoes. Not to forget, you can opt for statement accessories and create magic!

For Casual Getaways

A short floral dress is one of the most playful and sophisticated choices. A floral short dress is a go-to choice for casual gateways, and you can choose to play with your favorite colors (nothing is too vibrant for casual getaways). You can style the floral dress with a bright scarf and chunky boots to create a magic ensemble that looks breezy, easy, and fun!

For Picnics

If your family is into picnics and you are trying to style a floral dress, it’s going to be the match-made-in-heaven. The floral dress can be paired with a monochrome scarf and flat sandals that complement the entire look. If we may, make a braid or a messy bun for the hair look but keep the makeup natural and pinkish!

For Festive Events

The events like anniversaries and birthdays go aptly with floral dresses because they are quirky and fun. At such events, you can style the maxis and mini dresses with a floral design. However, sticking to chiffon is better as it’s more comfortable and brings out the best in you. To add some bling to the look, pair your floral dress with glamorous accessories to make the style statement!