Maxi dress is always a lady’s perfect choice when she wants something elegant. It’s safe to say that a black maxi dress is the most common but a red one is the ultimate choice to create a gorgeous look. Ranging from formal events to cocktail parties and proms, a red maxi dress fits the bill and will make sure you stand out in the crowd where everyone’s wearing black and neutrals!

But hey, styling the red maxi dress is extremely challenging because the room for error is extremely limited. So, with this post, we are telling you what to wear with the red maxi dress.

Beige Coat

A beige coat and a red maxi dress is a perfect combination and we are sure that you have these staples lying in your closet. So, wear that red maxi, do your makeup to perfection, and top it with up a beige coat. As far as footwear is concerned, complete the look with a pair of leather mules or boots.

Shearling Jacket

Some women are always afraid of experimenting but you can wear a red maxi dress and ramp up the look with a black shearling jacket. The shearling jacket is extremely functional and looks nothing less than perfection when paired together. As for the shoe department, opt for black suede boots (the mid-calf ones will look the best!).

The Biker Jacket

Everyone goes through a phase where they love to rock a biker jacket and then it just disappears in the back of the closet. As it turns out, take out your black biker jacket that looks promising and is equally comfortable. If you are curious about the shoes, we think the flat leather boots will be a perfect addition to your red maxi look. Not to forget, it looks apt for brunches and informal dinners!

The Cowboy Boots

If you are trying to create a relaxed and laid-back look, you can pair the red maxi dress with brown cowboy boots (the leather ones work the best, by the way). These boots add the relaxed twist and you can even add a belt on the waist to give your ensemble a structure.

Leather Pumps

While you are trying to curate the off-duty ensemble, nothing works better than a red maxi dress since it adds a contemporary touch to the look. As far as the leather pumps are concerned, wearing them with the dress will add much needed hotness to your appearance.

Fur Jacket

In case you are trying to create a casual look, you can always depend on the red maxi dress and pairing it with the brown or skin-colored fur jacket will add the casual and relaxed appearance that you need. Also, for the round off, accentuate your look with leather pumps and you are ready to hit the streets!

A Blazer

If you are trying to pair your red maxi dress for a formal event, it’s needless to say that a blazer speaks volumes about your personality. You might want to opt for a nude-colored blazer but a red blazer works the best when you want to show off your empowering side!